• Tips for Improving Your Flexibility With Yoga

    Tips for Improving Your Flexibility With Yoga

    One of the top reasons people give for not taking yoga classes is that they worry they aren’t flexible enough.  This insecurity should never prevent people from practicing yoga. Yoga classes are made to be customizable so that they can be tailored to each person’s abilities.   What is flexibility? Believe it or not, muscles

  • 18 Celebrities That Swear By Yoga

    Yoga is now one of the most popular forms of exercise and relaxation in America. People love how yoga can be tailored to fit an individuals needs and wants. Whether you want some relaxing meditation or a hardcore workout, there is a yoga class for you. Some people credit celebrities for making it so popular.

  • What is Budokon Yoga?

    What is Budokon Yoga?

    Have you heard about the new yoga class style taking over America? Here is everything you need to know about Budokon yoga! History You won’t find Budokon yoga mentioned in any historical texts. Unlike other popular styles of yoga such as Vinyasa or Yin, Budokon is a 21st-century American creation. In fact, before 2002 it

  • 8 Tips to Fit Yoga Into A Busy Hectic Schedule

    8 Tips to Fit Yoga Into A Busy Hectic Schedule

    As back to school season now winds into full gear, and the holidays begin to loom over us, life starts to get busy. No matter what’s going on in your life, most of us struggle with fitting in exercise, relaxation, and “me” time into our hectic schedules. If you don’t have time to do a